Jenny and Ben's Wedding

Jenny Langridge & Ben Reid
20th May 2006


Apparently some of you may wish to give us gifts to celebrate our wedding. While we do not expect everyone to give us gifts, we have the following options for those who do:


Some of our friends are giving us the gift of their talents in the form of musical performances, photography, dress making, sound engineering, etc. to help make our wedding day special. Many people have already agreed to do this.

Music CDs

For the folkies among you, we would love to receive CDs of music that you think we would like!

Gift List

We have set up a Gift List with John Lewis for those of you who would prefer a more traditional present!

It is list number 206408, and is available from April 8th 2006 through to June 3rd 2006.

You can get to it by

  • going to the list page on their website
  • going to the Gift List department of your local John Lewis shop
  • calling the guest line on 0845 600 2202 (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm)

Charitable Donation

We would be very happy if you would give a contribution to Marie Curie Cancer Care as an alternative to giving us a gift. We would far rather that they receive your support than that we receive an endless supply of fruit bowls and melon ballers :-)

You can make a donation online via our Just Giving website.

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